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When are you open?

We are open by appointment only to help make your experience as personal and intimate as possible. Appointments are available on

Monday - Sunday.

Monday - Saturday: 11am - 6pm

Closed Wednesday

Sunday: 2pm - 5pm

Who should I bring?

We can seat up to 5 guests for any appointment. Make sure your guests are all team bride and on the same page with what you're looking for. 

How long is each appointment?

We allot 1.5 hours for each bridal appointment. If you will need more time just let us know and we're more than happy to accommodate.

What are private appointments?

Great question and good news for you! At Faithful + True Bridal House all of our appointments are Private. Meaning there is only one Bride in the store at a time. 

What should I bring to my appointment?

You don't need much!

BraStrapless is recommended if you plan on wearing one. 

Shoes - Optional.  

Champagne - provided upon rewuest!

Do you offer alterations?

We do not offer in house alterations, but we do have several specialists that we highly recommend to our brides! The cost of alterations are not included in the cost of your gown and can run anywhere from $300+, depending on the complexity of the changes. 


We would love to hear from you!

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